New From The Pen of V.I.Profferi

This page contains a complete bibliography of Profferi's works, along with a section on upcoming books.


Mayan Sun (2008)
The Faerie Queene's Lover (2008)
Gigolo (2009)
Amazônas (2009)
Polly Pot (2010)
The Lady in Red (2010)
Vera and the Gnomes of Minas (2010)
Karolina and the Faerie Queen's Chest (2010)
Oliver and the Undine Queen (2010)
La Puta (2010)

Coming Soon!

Tranny Fanny

The tale of a transexual who experiences love in Brazil, and is invited to enter Faerieland.

An excerpt from Tranny Fanny:
With hunger for her in his loins, Barry observed her and her extroverted, exaggerated gestures, tossing her long dark black hair streaked with silvery blond, arching her back dramatically making her tight and firm bottom prominent, touching her bared neck and shoulders sensually, and so on. Barry was transfixed. Without hearing himself, he gasped and croaked at her like an inebriated toad, to which his delightful damsel turned with a knowing smile to look at Barry's crotch. When Fanny's eyes rose they met Barry's watery eyes, capturing him into an infatuation from which he would never again recover himself.

Barry spoke before he thought "Hey sweetie, where you sit'n?" Fanny leaned over the isle seat, giving Barry a clear view of her cleavage and her embroidered thin brassiere that often failed to contain her full and equally tanned bust. "I love sitting in the first row, do you mind if I sit next to you?" Fanny spoke in a husky falsetto that made Barry perspire heavily and loosen his tie as he replied that he would be glad to have her company. With a strong and thin hand, Fanny stroked Barry's clean shaved face and said she would be right back. Once Fanny had walked away, the old Brazilian man looked over at Barry with his longing look that followed the swaying, bouncing bottom of the young woman. The gentleman spoke to him quietly, partly breaking the enchantment. It was a warning, one sentence. "That beautiful young lady is a man; you should know that before you marry her."

In irritation with the man who had tired to warn him gently, Barry showed his canines in smiling grin that resembled more the threatening face of chimp in battle. For a moment, Barry glared at him with indignation, and then he turned to look out of the window. The woman which had held his attention earlier had departed on a jeep towing a string of carts. As he stared out at the grey concrete of the tarmac and the pale yellow building of the airport, Barry was suddenly reassured by the soft and tender touch of his lovely lady stroking the side of his fat cheeked face.

Leaving the arm of the first class seat between them raised, she sat close to him, pushing her partly bared thigh against his trouser leg while she massaged his thigh suggestively, and hoping to feel the erection she knew was there. With her hand still on his thigh, Fanny began conversationally to ask him what he did with his life when he was not on airplanes being molested by beautiful women he wanted to have sex with.

Other Works To Come

From Shame To Game, Parts 4-10

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