V.I.Profferi EBooks and Erotica

New Books and Bibliography V.I.Profferi E-Books


Gigolo James is a middle-aged manager of a mine, servicing older rich women with his hot loving and dance moves. Though in love with the young and feisty Laura, he goes on an apprentice's journey through the realms of Fairyland and the mundane, enjoying various women and not-quite women.
A galloping romp through the world of philanthropy and sex, Gigolo proves you can have it all -- and fairies, too!

The Faerie Queene's Lover

The Faerie Queene's Lover is the tale of Steven Palk, abducted by the Faerie Queen to serve as her lover and then be sacrificed in a bizarre rite. His miraculous escape from her clutches leads him on a wild and weird adventure through Faerieland, dragging his goddaughter Sylvia along with him through a series of magical tests and sexual adventures which bring out her inner witchiness.
Having given birth to the Faerie King, the result of her liason with Steven, the Faerie Queen sends her son to hunt Steven down. And so the story of Steven's adventure in the woods with the Faerie Queen could come to a quick and painful end. But will he learn to understand Faerieland well enough for it to spare him?


Bugsy Graves, a troublemaking faerie of strange half-coyote descent, travels the world selling her pink pearls, half drug and half 'Faerie Food' which transport their users to Faerieland. Punished by the Faerie King with infertility for her mis-deeds, the shape-shifting Bugsy Graves now rampages without control through the world, indulging in erotic encounters with both man and beast. Amazonas is a truly satisfying journey from the depths of the Amazon rainforest to the mountains of Austria.

Short Stories by V.I.Profferi, Volume One
Herein are eight short stories about various people who enter Faerieland. 'Polly Pot', 'Oliver and the Undine Queen', 'Vera and the Gnomes of Minas', 'Karolina and the Faerie Queen's Chest', 'The Lady in Red','La Puta', and 'Jane and the Blue Men of the Minch' are an eclectic collection of the dark and brutal, beautiful and strange, which never fail to lose touch with ordinary life. An excellent gift or a book to read on one's own.

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